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Gold prospecting and metal detectorsStarting in 1990 as a modest mail order / catalog marketing company serving the recreational gold prospecting market, We have developed into what could be a model for a successful combination of internet and print catalog sales with our roots in traditional print catalog marketing, while being on the cutting edge of the future with our internet catalog. Our product line has also expanded dramatically making us the source for the proactive outdoorsman who is looking for outdoor recreational activities other than hunting and fishing. The supplies that are needed for gold prospecting, rock and gem collecting, and treasure hunting are the heart of our line, but the auxiliary items include everything from hats to survival equipment, unusual gift items, and topographic mapping software.

The Lifestyle Store has enjoyed steady growth with our balanced approach of print and internet catalogs, with emphasis on customer satisfaction. We now have over 55,000 customers on our catalog mailing list ranging in age from elementary school students with their first rock tumbler to grandparents outfitting their motor home for collecting fossils in the desert or metal detecting in Civil War campsites. Our growth has been fueled by the fact that you are never too old or too young to be fascinated by the miracles of nature captured in stone, the lure of gold in a mountain stream, or the excitement of recovering lost treasure.   

The chief prospector in residence and owner of the company, Mojave John, and his staff, are here to provide the information, equipment and accessories  you need to get into these fascinating hobbies or to expand your involvement.